Single Coaching Session

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Single Coaching Session


Looking for a single one hour coaching session? Perfect. In this 1 hour private video session, we will work together on a specific target area of your choice. Everything from contest strategy, judging fundamentals, performance, choreography, trick construction, increasing your trick clicks, and freestyle critiques.

Already have a routine? To boost your freestyle above the competition, this session can also be used to critique your current freestyle! Film your freestyle and send it to the email provided after checkout. (Instructions will be given on how to do so) We will break down the weak points and strategically adjust the freestyle to make it score higher, guaranteed. 

All discussion and critiques are based on the International Yoyo Federation judging system which includes:

  • Technical Execution (Clicker Score)

  • Technical Evaluation (Execution, Control, Trick Diversity)

  • Performance Evaluation (Body Control, Construction, Choreography, Space use, Showmanship)

*When you purchase this service you will receive an email within 1 business day which will give scheduling options (During the week this service was purchased) as well as provide instructions on how to set up the video call. The full 1 hour will be spent going over your focus area of choice. If you have any further questions, please submit a message through my contact page at the top of the website.

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